I Remember!


My Birthplace and home in West Virginia

I remember, I remember

The place where I was born.

It’s just a small community

Where trees and grass adorn

The tiny house surrounded by

A garden growing beans and corn.



I remember, I remember


We didn’t wear helmets in those days!

The road on which we rode

Our cars and trucks and bicycles.

And the family abode

That sheltered us from heat and rain

And warmed us when it snowed.





Our favorite tree to climb was an apple tree. 

I remember, I remember

The many trees we climbed

We sat on sturdy branches,

A memory sublime,

And watched the birds flying away

Leaving winter far behind.



I remember, I remember


A bee sting on the foot made you more careful the next time. 

The clover in the grass

Where honeybees werew working hard

Gathering nectar in their grasp.

Our small bare feet avoided

The bees and rocks and glass.



I remember, I remember

With a smile as I recall

Where kids could play and parents

Never worried much at all.

They knew their neighbors would help out

If trouble came to call.


An actual class at Crab Orchard Elementary in the 1950s 



I remember, I remember

The school where I was taught.


Where we learned to read and write

And where some of us fought.

The big white building on the hill

Where splendid teachers wrought.



Having recess outside was fun. This is a special Maypole celebration.

I remember, I remember

Playing in the rhythm band.

While learning songs and poetry.

During spelling bees we’d stand

To spell some words we’d never heard

And dream of the life we planned.




I remember, I remembervan

The day we moved away

Where neighbors gathered ‘round us

We shed some tears that day.

We’re left with just a memory

Of where we loved to play.




Me in second grade. 

I remember, I remember


The ones who lived next door

Where no one was a stranger

And some we’d known before

Had moved away just as we were

How we loved them ever more.


I remember, I remember

A carefree time and place

Where life was so much simpler.

And the people we embraced

Are now a treasured memory

That time does not erase.


One of my favorite TV shows, Lil Rascals. 

© February 17, 2017    by Judith Puckett


About jpinok3

I'm a writer, happily-married wife, Mom, and Mimi, and I love learning new things. I enjoy reading, writing, surfing the web, photography, antiques, genealogy, OKC Thunder Basketball, OU Football, and spending time with my family and friends. I'm semi-retired, working from home as a freelance writer. I've published a biography called "Living by Faith - The Life and Times of Cecil and Norma Combs," which is available through Xulon Press, Amazon.com and Lifeway Christian stores. If you would like a signed copy, please contact me directly at jpuckett3@yahoo.com. My family is the focus of my life! I've been married to the same great guy since 1965. We have two daughters and a son, a wonderful daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and seven grandchildren who are the loves of my life. My family is a blessing from God, and I cherish them above all. I'm a conservative Christian. I believe passionately in the right to life and the traditional family as the basic structure of society. I believe in limited government that serves, but does not control the people. My husband Jim serves as associate pastor of ONE Church in Moore, OK.
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2 Responses to I Remember!

  1. Jody Filkins says:

    Enjoyed your poem Judy. Think we are about 10 years apart but many memories are just alike. We grew up during the best of times I think.

  2. jpinok3 says:

    Thank, Jody. I agree! Wouldn’t trade my lifetime for any other!

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