What do Women Want?

Over the last two days, I have seen posts by so many of my friends on Facebook and Twitter saying in essence: “These women who marched in Washington, DC, do not speak for me.”

I haven’t yet posted such a disclaimer, but I certainly agree that they do not speak for me. I didn’t watch the march or even care about seeing it.  But while seeing news reports on TV and posts on social media since then, it didn’t take long for me to see that I have little in common with these protestors or the messages posted on the signs they carried. This wasn’t a grassroots movement, it was basically an organized group of angry Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters who were well-funded by George Soros. Reportedly, the ultraliberal billionaire, who seems to be behind every anti-American movement we see, gave $90 million to the 50 different activist groups participating in the march.


I have not been able to determine exactly what their message was intended to be.  From the signs they carried (many too X-rated to post here) espousing everything from Black Lives Matter to  Equal Pay to Open Borders to Abortion Rights to Not my President to Pro Islam to Sexual Harrassment to White Supremacy to Funding Planned Parenthood, it’s clear that there was no one message except that they hate President Trump. It’s also clear that they are using his Presidency as an excuse to blame him for everything they believe is wrong with America.

Ironically, until now Donald J. Trump has held no public office that would even allow him to put such policies in place or to change them! He has never tried to impede progress for women. The truth is that he has been a champion of women in the workplace, beginning with his daughter Ivanka. Nepotism, you say? Then a second example is Kellyanne Conway to which he entrusted the biggest and most critical job opportunity of his life. He placed his political campaign – and ultimately his fate – in the capable hands a woman. His trust was well-placed, because Conway quickly turned around the failing campaign and is the first woman to ever manage and win a presidential campaign. Subsequently Trump appointed her as Counselor to the President, and she will be the highest-ranking woman in the White House. To paint Trump as holding women back is blatantly false.

I like what Harris Faulkner, host of Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” said today:

“How is it possible that all these issues erupted immediately when Donald Trump was sworn into office? Did they not exist 48 hours before? Did these women not want to embarrass President Obama by organizing a Million Women March to say, ‘This is not working for me.’? I’m confused by the timing of this march. Is this a female ‘Occupy’? What is their goal?” 

I don’t know what march organizers were thinking when they put up on the stage people like Michael Moore, or like Ashley Judd comparing Trump to Hitler, or like Madonna, who spouted foul language and said, “I’ve thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” When a speaker gets up and repeatedly uses profanity, promotes violence, and leads a crowd in chanting obscenities, you can’t expect that anyone will take her seriously. Somehow a message of “love and peace” gets lost in the tirade of hate and vitriol.

Besides the fact that their messages are hateful and often ill-informed, march organizers only accepted people who agree with them. They would not allow Pro-Life women to join their ranks. These women who want no censorship at all actually shut out the voices of pro-life women like me who believe abortion is murder and that our government should not be involved in it or pay for it.

Sigmund Freud, who founded psychoanalysis and who many believe best understood the human psyche, asked a simple question:  “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’ ”

I don’t claim to know what those women in the Washington march want, but I think I know what the majority of American women actually want. I will not be able to list them all, but here are a few:

We want to be taken seriously and accepted as equal (though not identical) to men in intelligence and abilities. Each gender has strengths and weaknesses, and each has a lot to offer.

We want access for women and girls  the same opportunities given to men and boys, including education, jobs, sports, and public office. If we restrict men from some women-only organizations, we expect that they may do the same.

We want jobs for ourselves and our spouses so that together we can provide a living for our families.

We want to be paid equally for the SAME job. If the jobs are different and the amount of requisite education, training, risk, hours spent working, etc., are not equal, then we accept that.

We want to be valued for the contribution we make to society as wives, mothers, workers, neighbors, and people. Without each gender’s contribution, society will not function as well as it could and should.

We want to be protected by those who are stronger physically, and not exploited because we are physically smaller and created differently.

We want to be treated with respect and not regarded as sex objects for the pleasure of men. Those women who exploit their sexuality and then castigate men for seeing them as sex objects are not worthy of the respect they demand.

We want our homes, schools, churches, streets, and all public places to be safe for ourselves and our children. We want and expect our police and military to do the jobs for which they were trained, treat terrorists and criminals as enemies, not having their hands tied while trying to protect us.

We want American laws to govern our country, not Sharia or any laws that conflict with our local, state, and national laws and constitution.

We want our borders to be protected and our immigration laws to be enforced with no sanctuary for those who are here illegally. Sanctuary cities have no place in America. We want illegal aliens deported so that our tax dollars, schools, law enforcement, hospitals and other resources and agencies are not exhausted supporting people who are not here lawfully, many of whom hate America.

We want a drug-free country where our children and teens are not victims of or pawns for the benefit of pimps, gangs, sexual predators, human traffickers, drug dealers, or pharmacy moguls. We want our highways and streets to be free of drunks and anyone whose driving threatens our safety.

We want our voices and votes to be heard and counted in the world of politics and government. We want to be considered as leaders when we are able to bring ideas, resources, and abilities to the table that have not contributed by men.

We want a voice in our children’s education. As taxpayers we should expect to have input and access to the materials, information, and curriculum they are provided. Our schools should not undermine our authority or our right to participate in the education of our children.

We want our personal values, traditions and religious beliefs to be respected and protected and not denigrated, denied, or trampled upon by those in authority or by those who are here illegally.

We want America to remain free from outside influences such as the UN and George Soros. We want our leaders to make decisions for our benefit, not for their own profit, or for illegal scams such as pay to play.

We want our tax code to be simple enough that we can do our own taxes and pay a reasonable amount. We want our personal information to be kept private and secure and not subject to hacking and identity theft. We want programs like Obamacare, which force us to participate and invade our privacy, to be outlawed.

We want our national debt to be paid down before money is given for anything except essential services and programs that are self-funded – i.e., Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. We want our Congress to pay back what they have “borrowed” from these separate accounts, and we  DO NOT want them to use our funds for other purposes.

We want our taxes to be used for building America and American causes, not given to Iran, ISIS, and any other terrorist states and organizations; not used to fund abortions by Planned Parenthood; not given for the Endowment of the Arts; not wasted on pet projects that Congressmen feel they are entitled to bring to their respective states.

We want to help our fellow Americans who are truly in need, but we also want to hold them accountable in return for the benefits they receive. No one should receive taxpayer/government funds unless they pass a drug test, are free of criminal record, and pledge allegiance to the United States.

We want to hold our public officials accountable to represent our interests and do what they are paid to do, not override our desires as a group. We want every elected official to be limited to two terms so that they do not spend their time and money concentrating on re-election. We want them to experience living in the real world that exists outside Washington, DC.

We want the lifetime pension for members of Congress and the President to be revoked. We believe they are more than capable of making a living once they leave public office, and should have no incentive to continue living off taxpayers.

We want our President, Congress, and politicians to be honest and treat us with respect, not talk down to us, and not put everyone else’s needs before the needs of Americans. We want them to live under the same laws they pass and the same programs they institute for us.

We want less intrusion by the federal government. We want them to do only what the states cannot do for themselves, specifically to defend us militarily, establish justice, promote commerce, and protect the lives and dignity of every person from womb to tomb. They are to ensure freedom and secure the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity.

We want our laws and courts to be fair with justice meted out equally to all Americans. In short, we want what is beneficial for all, not for the elite, or the politically correct, or the favored race, or the LGBT, or the rich and powerful. We reject the premise that any group, race, religion, or gender should be protected and selected above others. We do not believe that women and girls are inferior or superior to men and boys.

Women want law and order, participation in society, freedom to speak, worship, and live as our founders intended when the U S Constitution was adopted.

We believe America is exceptional, and we want the federal government to reflect American values, display American flags, and not try to emulate and codify the world by instituting alternate cultures, religions, and values. We want to live in peace with our fellow man and enjoy our freedom.

These are some of the most important issues we face as American women and as people in general. Those who want government to do everything for them and give them everything, yet not have control over their lives are deluded. We as citizens must insist that our leaders respond to the wishes of we, the people, and hold them accountable when they do not by turning them out of office and replacing them with leaders who love America and Americans.




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