Hillary and Huma: The Un-Holy Alliance


As if the 2016 Presidential election wasn’t already Looney Toons, we now learn that Hillary Clinton’s insiders also think she’s out of touch with reality. Frightening, to say the least! New WikiLeaks documents reveal that long-time Clinton confidante Neera Tanden emailed John Podesta, Hillary’s right-hand man, confessing that, “It worries me more that she doesn’t seem to know what planet we are living on at the moment.”

crazy-hillarySeveral doctors have speculated on TV news programs that Hillary Clinton appears to have “advanced Parkinson’s Disease.”  If that’s true, who will be running the country if she is elected?  My guess is it that it will be Huma Abedin, vice-chairman of the Clinton Campaign.  Insider and campaign manager Robby Mook wrote John Podesta saying, “I think it’s helpful for her (Huma) to participate in calls and meetings because she’s the institutional memory—and that’s always invaluable.”  So if Huma is the “memory,” she can call the shots, especially if Hillary is incapacitated.


How close are these two women, and why should we be concerned?  Hillary has called Huma her “second daughter,” and Bill Clinton said Huma is a “Mini Hillary.” If you ever see Hillary, Huma will be no more than a few steps away – either at her side or just off-stage. That can be said of lots of politicians, so why is this any different?  Because Huma Abedin is highly connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.


Who is Huma?  She is married (if not recently divorced from) Anthony Wiener, the sexting ex-Congressman from NY, which gave her access to US Government inside information. She began working for Clinton as a 19-year-old intern in 1996. Since that time the two women have spent more time together than with either has with their philandering husbands. After twenty years as Clinton’s shadow, Huma has effectively become Hillary Clinton herself, or at least a serviceable backup drive. Politico says Huma is the “invaluable, irreplaceable uber-assistant of every powerful person’s dreams.”


The evidence seems to be mounting up that Huma Abedin is also a Muslim Brotherhood princess, born into an illustrious family of Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Before joining up with Hillary, Huma worked at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1995 through 2008, a Sharia law journal. The editor in chief was Abedin’s own mother.

Her father Syed Zaynul Abedin was a professor in Saudi Arabia who founded the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. This organization was established by the Government of Saudi Arabia with the support of the Muslim World League.

A Saudi government document inspired by Huma’s father explains the goal of Muslim Minority Affairs as “to establish a GLOBAL Sharia in our modern times.” In other words, they want Islamic law to be THE law governing the entire world. If you are not familiar with Sharia (strict Islamic law), you would do well to Google the term and study more about it.

It is agreed by most world leaders that Hillary was the instigator of the Arab Spring. This movement worked with the Muslim Brotherhood and set out to overthrow existing moderate governments in Arab countries, destabilize the region, and help establish Sharia law toward forming a caliphate (another term to Google). The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in 2014, but by then, the damage was done. Ironically, the US accepts the Muslim Brotherhood as a “peaceful” organization, and many officials in the Obama administration have links to the Brotherhood.
huma-3As Secretary of State, Hillary (along with Obama), she pushed for the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and the Muslim Brotherhood began running the country until military leaders fought back, regained control, and threw the Brotherhood out of power.

Hillary pushed the overthrow of Libyan leader Mohammar Qaddafi, a dictator for sure, but also a staunch enemy of the Brotherhood. Even Obama and his Secretary of Defense hesitated to go to war with Qaddafi. But Hillary won out. In this fiasco, she eventually set up the dynamics for the Benghazi terrorist attack on our embassy during which four Americans were viciously killed, and the ambassador’s body was drug through the streets while Hillary slept.

Hillary pushed for the US to be directly involved in the Syrian civil war to overthrow Assad. Obama drew a line in the sand, and when they crossed it, he did nothing.  This strengthened the resolve of rebels and resulted in the creation of ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria). Hillary then provided arms for Syrian rebels linked with al Qaeda, arms which ISIS now uses.

So with Huma’s behind-the-scenes help, Hillary has done a lot to further the Muslim Brotherhood agenda while Secretary of State. We can imagine how far she will go as President!huma-abedin-hillary-clinton

Hillary also worked side by side with the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the umbrella group of 57 majority Muslim states who are pushing their agenda of imposing Sharia law on the non-Muslim world. Even here in the United States, this group under the name CAIR (Center for American Islamic Relations) use hate crime laws to criminalize any speech that is critical of Islam, in accordance with United Nations Resolution 16/18.

Now, with the WikiLeaks revelations this week we find that Huma Abedin served as liaison between Clinton Foundation donors, including foreign governments, and the State Department. So she was involved in Pay-to-Play, granting foreign donors favors for donations to the corrupt Clinton Foundation.huma-2

Simply put, Huma Abedin worked for thirteen years as part of an enterprise whose explicit goal was to conquer the West in the name of Islam. For the last seven years, she has done the same job, but has been on the payroll of the US Government!  No wonder the Clinton campaign wants to sweep this issue under the rug.


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