Another Day, Another Scandal

Hillary gateAnother day and another saga in the ever-growing Hillary Clinton email scandal. Several emails which were not part of the 30,000 which Clinton “handed over” (she was actually forced to give) to the FBI have surfaced proving that she and members of her staff were conducting business for the Clinton Foundation (CF) while she worked as Secretary of State.

When Hillary Clinton accepted the job as Secretary of State, she signed a written statement that her activities at “State” would be completely separate from her connection to the CF. For years, it was rumored that Hillary doled out favors and access to foreign governments and individuals in exchange for large donations to the CF. Until now, there was no paper trail showing this to be true, but several of the emails make it clear what was happening, and many people feel this is just a drop in the bucket.Above the law

Making the situation even worse, according to their own records, only 10% of what the CF collects makes it through the system to needy people or service organizations. So who gets the 90% leftover? We will probably never know, but that’s another story for another time.

The conservative foundation Judicial Watch, a non-profit organization which “fights for accountability and integrity in law, politics and government,” sued for the right to see these emails under the Freedom of Information Act. Judicial Watch pressed the issue, and finally a federal judge ordered them released. It is clear that the Clinton Foundation (CF) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared at least two employees: Huma Abedin, Clinton’s Chief of Staff, and Cheryl Mills, former Chief of Staff to Clinton.

Judicial Watch released 725 emails this week from Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, some of which showed the influence peddling that flowed between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. At least 85 private individuals requested and were granted meetings with Hillary after donating $157 million to the CF. One email from 2009 showed Abedin working with CF Executive Doug Band to set up a meeting for Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton essentially put the US State Department up for sale! In what the media is calling “Pay for Play,” people who wanted to effect policy or gain favors made a “donation” to the CF, and they were rewarded by the US State Department. It’s a practice similar to the Lincoln Bedroom Scandal that took place under then-President Bill Clinton. President Clinton’s guests in the Lincoln Bedroom gave a total of at least $5.4 million to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during 1995 and 1996, according to a study for CNN by the Campaign Study Group.

They found 24 overnight White House guests who gave $100,000 or more to the DNC. CNN’s $5.4 million figure does not include monies given to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, or any state party committees.

JW uncovered the present Pay for Play set up that gives donors to the CF access and favors in exchange for the money they donate to the Foundation. As an example, a DNC operative emailed Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff at State Dept Huma Abedin asking her to find a job for a person whose name was scrubbed from the public record. The original request for the job came from a billionaire who was a major donor to the CF, an Arab of Lebanese descent living in Nigeria. Abedin sent a reply by email telling him she has several options to offer the unamed person.

The State Department will not name the individual nor tell whether he/she actually got the job. Nor will they answer whether the Obama administration tried to squash the investigation. Two reporters asked three or four questions which the spokesman clearly would not answer. Rather she hemmed and hawed around about things in general, most of which had nothing to do with the questions. Finally, one of the frustrated reporters asked, “Am I not speaking English here?” No matter what was asked, it was clear that she would not answer.

In addition, while working for the State Department Cheryl Mills went to New York and interviewed people for high level positions at the CF. She claims her work there was as a volunteer. Since when do volunteers get to select and hire prospects for top level positions?

At least three FBI agents requested that the Department of Justice investigate this conflict of interest and illegal situation, but Attorney General Loretta Lynch has declined saying there was not enough evidence to pursue the matter. Unlike her decision to “Follow the recommendation of the FBI, as she did in the previous email scandal, Lynch is going against their requesIdiott. How she can ignore this conflict of interest and potential for criminal charges against Clinton is beyond the pale of minimal oversight.

So far, Clinton has gotten off “Scott free,” but on Monday, she was delivered a rude reminder that her long-running woes will likely persist all the way to November — and potentially beyond. A federal judge ordered the State Department to review 14,900 documents discovered by the FBI as investigators probed Clinton’s use of a private email server during her four years at the agency, and he set a hearing date for next month about the “production” of such emails.


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