Midterm Elections Have the Nation Seeing RED!

I voted If you voted on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, you  participated in making History! A great power shift has just rocked Washington, DC.  As results poured in Tuesday evening, the election topped the news on every TV channel, was discussed on almost every radio talk show, and was the subject of a majority of Facebook and Twitter posts today. RED states (states that vote primarily Republican) now dominate the US map, with splotches of blue (Democratic voting areas) along the West coast, in the Northeast, in Chicago, and a few other large Northern cities.

Red States in Midterm Election - November 4, 2014

Red States in Midterm Election – November 4, 2014

“Seeing Red” is an old saying once used to describe a person who is enraged. During this election, it aptly fit most discouraged, disillusioned and angry American voters. The President’s approval rating this month is an abysmal 42%, but Congress’ rating was even lower at 28%. This was an opportunity for voters to send a loud and clear message to both Congress and President Obama: “DO YOUR JOB! QUIT WASTING your time and our money bickering and fighting over who is in control.”

Not since the days of President Eisenhower has such an overwhelming power shift occurred to put the Republican Party in control of both the US House and Senate. During the last six years, our Democratic President has been gung-ho for the liberal, progressive agenda, while the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has fought hard to pull America back toward the political center for balance. Despite those efforts, Congress has accomplished almost nothing since the 2012 election. Why? Because a bill must pass both houses of Congress before it becomes law.

During Obama’s six years in office, over 300 bills passed in the House and were sent to the Senate. They were summarily tossed into the “To Do” pile (or more accurately the “Do-Nothing” pile) by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Setting a budget is the fundamental work of any organization because it guides what actions will be taken. Yet Congress has not even passed a budget since 2008 when President Obama was elected. Obama obviously took this as a free pass to spend our tax dollars any way he pleased.Nope poster

Well, hopefully those days of reckless governance are over, and now the Republican-controlled House and Senate have two years to try and rectify some of the craziness that we’ve watched this administration put into place.

Here are just a few things we need to see happen asap:

• Establish a foreign policy to deal with ISIS and Islamic terrorism around the world.
• Balance the budget and begin to decrease the national debt.
• Repeal ObamaCare and establish a common sense policy to handle Ebola.
• Secure our borders and enforce existing Immigration laws – NO AMNESTY for illegals
• Restore respect for the Constitution and enforce it as the PREMIER law of the land. One area that should be a priority is support for the Second Amendment (the citizens’ right to bear arms).
• Restrain and control the rampant power of the IRS, and prosecute those who used their position to exact punishment on their political rivals.
• Demand answers for Obama blunders, such as Benghazi and Fast and Furious, and hold those responsible accountable for their failures.
• Repair relationships with our staunchest allies, such as Israel and Great Britain.

Can all this be accomplished? Of course it can, but only if Congress is willing to act fearlessly and override any veto President Obama might be tempted to issue. Let’s see how willing he is to compromise with “the other side,” something he has advocated but not yet practiced.

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