Politics in La-La Land

Just when you thought court jesting went out with the Middle Ages, it makes a worldwide television appearance in a debate by the Vice Presidential candidates:  Congressman Paul Ryan vs the incumbent Vice President Joe Biden. With his bizarre behavior on full display for the entire world to see, Joe the Joker may have just laughed himself out of contention in the race for the White House.

Last night’s debate was a classic example of Proverbs 29:9, a verse several friends posted on Facebook:  “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” (English Standard Version)

Considering his high office, Biden’s behavior before undecided voters who were looking to make an informed decision bordered on psychotic. He was immature, ill-mannered, unmoved by millions of people without jobs, insensitive to the families of the four men assassinated in Libya, and clearly out of his element when it came to producing facts and figures.

ABC News online said, “Big Bird has a new replacement, and his name is Laughing Joe.”

A stunned Chris Wallace of Fox News said Biden’s behavior was “unprecedented” and called his attitude toward his Republican opponent Paul Ryan “openly contemptuous.”

I think I have watched almost every presidential and vice presidential debate since the first four Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960, and thinking back over the last few minutes, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan tonight,” Wallace said.

You can talk about the smirks, the smiles, the head-shaking, the mugging, — it was openly contemptuous and disrespectful. And it wasn’t just the facial gestures. It was also the words. In the course of the night, he dismissed various arguments by Ryan’s as ‘malarkey,’ ‘bunch of stuff,’ ‘I don’t know what these guys are talking about,’ ‘loose talk,’ and ‘bluster.’

Wallace referred to Biden’s frequent interruptions, which, according to the RNC chairman, occurred as the Vice President interrupted Ryan a total of 82 times. Others counted 96 times. In addition, moderator Martha Radditz interrupted Ryan 28 times.

It was really quite an extraordinary, and I have to say from my experience, an unprecedented performance in a presidential or vice-presidential debate by one of the participants,” Wallace said.

Unfortunately, the “All About Joe Show” at the debate drew rave reviews from his boss. President Obama said, “I’m going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight.” In what alternate universe is it appropriate to joke and laugh at a $16 trillion debt, Iran’s race to build nuclear weapons, a bankrupt Medicare, and 37 million people on food stamps?

If Joe Biden was employed in the public sector, anywhere besides government, he’d be fired and branded as a bonafide nut case. His behavior was bizarre, blatantly rude, and disrespectful of the office he holds as Vice President, not to mention his disrespect for Congressman Paul Ryan, the television audience, and indeed, the watching world.

If Obama thinks it was terrific, maybe it’s because Joe patterned his demeanor after Obama on the campaign trail. He jokes and ridicules anyone who disagrees with him, and his audiences are too enthralled with their messiah to notice that the Emperor has no clothes.

I hope and pray American voters do not reward this behavior with their votes. I cannot believe any thinking person would willingly hand the reins of America over to such a fool…either of them.


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I'm a writer, happily-married wife, Mom, and Mimi, and I love learning new things. I enjoy reading, writing, surfing the web, photography, antiques, genealogy, OKC Thunder Basketball, OU Football, and spending time with my family and friends. I'm semi-retired, working from home as a freelance writer. I've published a biography called "Living by Faith - The Life and Times of Cecil and Norma Combs," which is available through Xulon Press, Amazon.com and Lifeway Christian stores. If you would like a signed copy, please contact me directly at jpuckett3@yahoo.com. My family is the focus of my life! I've been married to the same great guy since 1965. We have two daughters and a son, a wonderful daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and seven grandchildren who are the loves of my life. My family is a blessing from God, and I cherish them above all. I'm a conservative Christian. I believe passionately in the right to life and the traditional family as the basic structure of society. I believe in limited government that serves, but does not control the people. My husband Jim serves as associate pastor of ONE Church in Moore, OK.
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