It’s the Economy, and We’re Not Stupid!

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

This phrase coined and brilliantly used by Bill Clinton’s election campaign manager James Carville catapulted Clinton into the White House in 1992 over the incumbent President George H. W. Bush.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that the elder Bush had promised, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” A promise he subsequently broke when agreeing to tax increases. People dislike being lied to and tend to remember such blatant examples.

Everyone, including the network and cable news media who love President Obama, seems to agree on one thing:  If Obama wants to win this election, he has to focus American voters on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING but the economy.

Of the many moral questions facing our world, the economy is the one that affects everyone, down to the smallest child, and even children yet to be born. We didn’t make those debts, our Congress made them for us, but we must pay. Living under such debt is debilitating. And passing that debt on to our children and grandchildren because we won’t live within our means is morally reprehensible. Every person in America already owes $50,000 in government debt, and if we limit the debt to taxpayers rather than individuals, each taxpayer three times that amount.

I personally believe that issues such as abortion on demand, embryonic stem cell research, and Obamacare are equally as important, if not more so, than the economic situation we now find ourselves in. These are clearly spiritual and moral issues that deal with life and death, not just wealth and poverty. But in a larger sense, we cannot long function as a nation unless we get our economy under control. And since the economy affects everyone, it IS the premiere issue whether we like it or not.

If we do not cut spending and remove the chains our government has placed upon businesses and corporations, we will soon find ourselves enslaved to China and other godless governments that will extinguish any freedom we now enjoy. Our national debt held by foreign countries is well over $5 trillion. China is the holder of most of that debt, and being a Communist society, they have policies that take away all freedoms from the people they control.

Unless we get our economy under control and pay down the debt, we will soon be under their control and lose the freedom to decide anything for ourselves. The people of China live under a one-child policy, which means that forced abortions are carried out daily. So, for example, if the Chinese government (or even the UN) controls America in the future, the question of abortion is moot. Population control is their policy.

Many people, myself included, believe that President Obama is purposely trying to destroy America’s Capitalist economy by overloading the public welfare system and turning America into a Socialist economy. This extreme strategy is one that was taught by Cloward and Piven, two liberal economic professors Obama sat under at Columbia University.

Put simply, the difference in the two systems is: Capitalism puts individuals/people and markets in control of the economy, and Socialism (Communism) puts government in control of the economy. When government controls the economy, a few elite people prosper and the rest of the people function as their slaves. When the markets/people are in control, more people are wealthy, and even the poorest are better off because of the incentive for more people to work and be involved in producing wealth.

The underlying principle of Capitalism is that everyone has equal opportunity to try and either succeed or fail based on his/her own work ethic, creativity, products, quality, etc. The market determines what goods and services are needed and wanted by people. Not everyone succeeds, but everyone has a chance to try and reach his/her goal. Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal results.

Under Capitalism, America has reached the pinnacle of economic success above the rest of the world. Our standard of living is higher than that of any other nation. Even those who are considered at poverty level in America have more than middle-class citizens of many nations.

The underlying principal of Socialism is that everyone should receive the same amount of money, regardless of the difference in their ability or willingness to work, produce, and benefit the economy. This may sound good in theory, but in real-life situations, it actually destroys the incentive to improve and never benefits society as a whole. Why work harder if you are not rewarded for it? In practice, it puts a few, often corrupt people in charge, who steal from government coffers and pad their own pockets. The result is almost always economic collapse.

Some examples of communist countries like Cuba, North Korea, the USSR and East Germany show us that where there is no incentive to succeed, there is no striving to improve or excel. These countries end up going broke and having to dismantle their socialist governments, accepting charity, regrouping, or living as virtual slaves in abject poverty.

Cuba was a thriving economy in the 1950s when Communism took over. Tens of thousands escaped to freedom in America, but today the people who remain there live in squalor. North Korean people are starving while their Communist leaders live in luxury, and their government is ostracized by the world. Every African country that has followed Communism has done the same thing – starved its people and glorified its leaders.

China’s economy seems to be an exception and appears to be thriving. However, the Chinese people pay the price for their government’s economic rise in the world. They live as virtual slaves doing exactly what their government decides they will do to benefit the country, not to benefit themselves or their families. They have no freedom of choice about their vocation, the the size of their families, the places they will live, etc. They must get government permission to even travel within their own country. Who knows how long this government will thrive.

Some people think the Bible teaches that we should have all things in common (Communism’s tenet), but the sharing of funds and believers having “all things in common” referenced in the Book of Acts was strictly voluntary. The Bible teaches the principle of ownership and respect for private property in the commandment, “Thou shalt not steal.” When Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11) sold their land and brought only part of the price as an offering, they were not condemned because they gave only a portion of the sale. They were condemned for lying about it. The apostle Peter asked, “Didn’t it belong to you before it was sold? And after it was sold, wasn’t the money at your disposal?” (Acts 5:4-5 NIV) This is clearly a case of private ownership and the right to do with it as you choose.

The idea that every rich person should give his/her money away to the poor is a fantasy. The poor don’t become richer by getting handouts. They become richer by becoming a part of the producing public. In addition, most wealthy people give a large part of their income to charities which fund causes to help the poor. Public welfare is not a Christian principle. The Bible teaches that we should all give proportionately to our income, ten percent, or a tithe. The church, in turn, is to be the administrator of charity, not the government. If local churches were the ones who distributed food and necessities, there would be better oversight and less fraud.

President Obama’s policy of redistributing the wealth is a failed idea that will never solve our economic problems. Nor is it morally right. Forcing people to give to others is called robbery. And forcing people to fund causes which they find morally reprehensible (drug use, laziness, tax cheats and drop-outs, abortions for poor women, health care laws that mandate abortion and euthanasia) is not a solution we can live with.

The brilliant black economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, speaking in December 2008 of Barack Obama’s Unconstrained Vision, said:

Dr. Thomas Sowell

Obama does have an unconstrained vision, which is really an elitist vision, which says, ‘I know what is best to be done, and I will do it.’ When he says, ‘I will change the world,’ this is a man who has actually accomplished nothing except to advance his career through rhetoric. He reminds me of a sophomore at college who thinks he can run the world, because he’s never had to run anything. And you can believe that only until you take personal responsibility for the consequences. And that’s when it gives you a little bit of humility.”

It’s not only Obama’s economic vision that troubles us. It is his contempt for the law and his executive orders that circumvent the laws he does not like or disagrees with. For example, granting illegal aliens special status and overlooking their illegality to win the votes of various ethnic groups. When the President (whoever he may be) decides which laws to enforce and which to ignore, he is placing himself in the role of a dictator, not abiding within the law and upholding the Constitution.

Another troubling practice by Obama is his association with those who thumb their noses at the law and the American way of life. His pastor Jeremiah Wright calls on God to damn, rather than bless, America. His close friend Bill Ayers was part of the group that bombed public buildings in the 1960s. In 2000 he said, “I don’t regret it, I only wish I had done more.”

In reference to Obama’s associations with “those who are truly vile people like Bill Ayers and ACORN, who rely on thugery as the way to get your ideas across.” Dr. Thomas Sowell says:

I  judge people by what they’ve done, not by what they say, particularly when what they say is the direct opposite of what they’ve done. So I think this man (Obama) really does believe he can change the world. And people like that are infinitely more dangerous than mere puppet politicians.

I believe Obama’s policies are dangerous for many reasons. One of the worst is that he has almost succeeded in crashing the economy. He has made it worse, not better, as he promised to do in his “first term.” And like Dr. Sowell, we should judge Obama on what he has done, not what he has said he would do.

It’s the economy, but we’re not stupid. The economy is the clearest example of Obama’s failed presidency. Let’s get him and his cronies out of there and start cleaning up this mess.

That’s what I think…let me know what you think by sharing in the comment box below.


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2 Responses to It’s the Economy, and We’re Not Stupid!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Judy, you wrote a very good article and I totally agree with you. I think a lot of Americans need your message. I sure hope we can change things in November. Thanks, Carolyn

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